To posting your products on PHSAR THOM you need to follow these steps:

1. Click on login as a vendor

2. Fill in your email and password then click login

3. Click Dashboard

3. Click Product

4. Click On + Sign

4. Add product information English and Khmer (Product name, Description, Meta tags title)

5. Add more information about the product (model, price, SKU (if you use it), Price, Quantity(any number 10-100), Stock status (in stock, or pre-order), Product Image, Date available (date show want to show product on the store)

6. Select Manufactory (if you have it not require), Select product category (kind of product)

7. If you have any discount you can add here

8. If you want to make promotion on this product you can add here

9. Add more products image (3 more is perfect)